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Let your customers know your business means business with professionally printed cheques. Every one of your marketing materials makes an impression, and nothing is noticed quite like a cheque from your company. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, our secure cheques will give you professional peace of mind.

  • Available for standard or custom accounting software.
  • Choose from a variety of designs and colours or match to your company colours.
  • All cheques are CPA compliant.
  • Save time with computer printed checks.
  • Get your cheques faster than from your bank.

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Check Printing
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  2. *Style

    Laser Cheques

    Manual Cheques

  3. *Color Options


    Which color option should I choose?

    Checks can be printed one-color or two-color depending on your own preferences. Two-color printing, as its name implies, uses two ink colors. One is typically black, but it doesn't have to be. One-color printing uses just a single color of ink. Again, black is most common, but you can choose a different color if you prefer.

    Color Options: One-Color
  4. *Duplicate Slips


    Duplicate slips make accounting a breeze by giving you a copy of your check to save for your records.

  5. *Turnaround Times

    Note: Shipping and delivery are not included in these turnaround times.

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